Heisenberg and Feynman


Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle:

(delta x)(delta p)> h/4pi ... making momentum as accurate as possible will make position inaccurate and viceversa.

It is also shown that the uncertainty in the measurement of energy (delta E) is related to (delta t).

(delta E)(delta t) > h/(4pi). So the shorter the time interval within measurements are made, the larger the uncertainty in the measured value of energy. This enables energies to be greater than expected by classical mechanics ... if the time interval is feasibly small enough ... this connects to the virtual particles that provide energy to and have very short lives.


Wave Particle Duality

Schrodinger's Cat BBT Wikipedia

Interactions and exchange particles.

There are four fundamental forces or interactions in nature (Electromagnetic, Weak, Strong (color), and Gravitational). Most recently the Electromagnetic and Weak interactions have been grouped together as the Electroweak interaction.

For particle physics the Gravitational interaction is not relevant since the masses are so small.

Particle physics views the interactions between two elementary particles in terms of interaction vertices and are presented in Feynman diagrams.

In Feynman diagrams, time moves left to right and the drawing represents what happens during the interaction.

Electron - straight line with an arrow to the right. Positron - straight line with an arrow to the left. Photon - wavy line.

At all interactions electric charge is conserved. So it will be necessary to know the charges of elementary particles


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