Energy, Damping and Resonance in SHM


4.2.1 Know the interchange between KE and PE during SHM.

Consider a spring

4.2.2 KE = 0.5mw2(x02 - x2)

TotalEnergy = 0.5mw2(x02)

PE = 0.5mw2(x2)

x0 = A (amplitude)... v = +/-w[sqrt(x02 - x2)]


4.3.1 Damping: a force that is always in the opposite direction of motion of the oscillating particle and the force is a dissipative force. Applet.

4.3.2 Under-damping: small force oscillation that slows down until it stops.

Critical-damping: system returns to equilibrium without oscillations

Over-damping: system returns to equilibrium but slower than critical damping.

4.3.3 Read pages 208-9. Natural frequency and forced oscillations.

4.3.5 Resonance: state at which an externally applied force = natural frequency providing large amplitude. More information. Tacoma Bridge

HW. PG 213: 15-17, 24, 26, 27, 29-32, 35-37.